St. Louis requests depositions with 42 NFL figures, including Goodell, Kroenke, Demoff

The city of St. Louis’ continues lawsuit against the National Football League over its relocation of the Rams franchise to Los Angeles has requested depositions from over 40 NFL officials, according to Ben Frederickson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

In total, the city has requested to depose 42 owners, team officials and league officials regarding the decision to leave the city for Los Angeles in July 2016. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, Commissioner Roger Goodell, Rams COO Kevin Demoff and former NFL Vice President Eric Grubman are among the list of requested interviews.

“These four individuals were involved in the highest levels of discussions, planning, and decision-making related to the Rams 2016 relocation to Los Angeles. Furthermore, the relevant timeframe spans several years and numerous actions taken by NFL and its member team owners,” reads the motion filed Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court.

The city will need permission from the court to conduct that many depositions as laws in place limit the maximum number to 10 without approval. Additionally, they are seeking lengthier time frames to interview several of the named individuals as they would currently be restricted to just one seven-hour day.

The lawsuit alleges alleges breach of contract, fraud, illegal enrichment and interference in business by the Rams and the NFL, causing significant public loss. In addition to the four named above, the list includes an owner or executive from nearly every other team in the league.